Fancy Yourself as the next Lionel Messi or Phil "The Power" Taylor, Tiger Woods, Gabrielle Reece - Well Foot Darts is the game for you.

Double sided - same as a regular size dartboard except 15 Feet tall!

Side A
- Foot darts - kick a soccer size ball onto the board
- Volley darts - Spike a volleyball size ball onto the board
- Golf darts - putt a tennis size ball onto the board

Side B
- Test your football throwing skills
- Test your frisbee throwing skills

Call out whoever you need to call out and settle it on this jumbo size bad boy!

- Game props for both sides
- Blower
- Drop off
- Set up
- Pick up

Item by itself = $600.00
As an add-on = $500.00
Generator surcharge (if required) = $100.00
Staff member onsite (if requested) = $100.00

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